Faber supports local Technic Training Center

Technic Training CenterFaber is happy to announce our support of the Technic Training Center in Lynden, WA. Technic Training Center is a local non-profit organization that helps local high school students develop skills for future careers while exploring woodworking, modern manufacturing, and business.

Technic has sought to launch its training effort with this vision in mind:

  • Transition local high school students into local jobs & careers well trained.
  • Train young men and women in technologies for modern industry.
  • Equip young people with the skills they need in order to be successful in their future.
  • Mentor young people for life in the workplace through character development.

Students who participate in Technic attend with their school and are able to go to the Technic facility during the school day. Once here, students accomplish educational requirements while they get hands-on career and technical training aligned with the needs of industry.

Growing Opportunities

Technic is making an impact. From a small group of just 12 students participating in Technic’s very first group this past year, 6 students were hired in related industry jobs at businesses in the fields of cabinet making, wood flooring installation, construction, and wood product manufacturing.

Approximately 42 high school students are participating at Technic Training Center this current school semester, representing four school entities in our community including Lynden High School, Lynden Christian High School, Cornerstone Christian School, and a local home school cooperative.

Through offering this program to our community, Technic Training Center is making an impact by ensuring that:

  • Young men and women are being prepared to join the workforce.
  • Students are taking part in hands-on training in vital areas including modern manufacturing, machinery & tool operations, product design, cost analysis, and customer service.
  • Young people are building connections with potential future employers.
  • The next generation is being equipped with the skills that businesses need in their employees.
  • Young people are being intentional about their career path, skills, and personal passions.

Faber Construction is proud to be a sponsor and partner of the Technic Training Center and hopes that our involvement will encourage students to think about careers in the trades as a rewarding pursuit. Find out more about the Technic Training Center and what they hope to achieve here.

New Appel Farms cheese production and cold storage facility

Appel Farms positions for growth with new cheese production facility

Ferndale-based Appel Farms moves its cheese operations in December to a new 12,800-square-foot production and cold-storage facility, positioning it for future growth while increasing the farm’s efficiency and food security.

“We can grow a tremendous amount without running out of room,” said John Appel, who runs the cheese production operations while his wife Ruth directs retail and marketing functions.

Faber Construction of Lynden built the unique pre-engineered steel building, located at 6605 Northwest Drive. It incorporates an exo-skeleton technique, placing steel columns on the outside, while utilizing insulated metal panels for exterior walls, coolers and the freezer. This created an uninterrupted interior wall around the perimeter, increasing efficient use of the space, according to Rick Faber, president of Faber Construction.

The building also has to be capable of reaching a wide range of temperatures. Some blast freezers can get below 0 degrees while in dairy production coolers are expected to get as low as 37 and incubators as high as 108 degrees.

“The Appel Farms Cheese Plant is a one-of-a-kind facility in the Northwest Washington dairy industry,” Faber said.

Appel Farms started cheese production 30 years ago in an 800-square-foot building on the farm founded by John’s late father Jack Appel and his mother Audrey. They added on to it and utilized adjacent buildings to accommodate growth until the family was convinced a new building was necessary.

Cheese production currently uses more than half the milk from the farm’s 600-cow dairy herd, which is run by John’s brother Rich Appel. Appel Farms in mid-2016 began producing havarti, parmesan and maasdammer cheeses, adding to a product line that already included gouda, cheddar, quark, feta and paneer. The new building includes a window for viewing gouda production, although interested visitors should call ahead for times.

John Appel said steady growth has resulted in this expansion, but the family wasn’t taking all of the credit. “God has blessed us even despite some of our decisions,” he said.

The Cheese Shop, the retail arm of Appel Farms, is adjacent to the new production facility and open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturdays. For more information, call the store at (360) 312-1431 or visit www.appel-farms.com.

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