Parkview Elementary Walls Coming Down

A quick video of the wall coming down at Parkview Elementary School in Bellingham, making room for the new addition.

Whatcom Creek Bridge Replacement

Our latest civil project, and our first bridge – Whatcom Creek Bridge. We had fun bolting the 38,000-pound bridge together with the help of Sicklesteel Cranes and placing it over the creek. The steel bridge is 110 feet long and 10 feet wide with fiberglass slats to walk upon.

If bridges fascinate you read this article from The Bellingham Herald about it, and watch the video to the left!

More info about the project here.

Northwest Indian College Grand Opening

On March 21st, the Northwest Indian College celebrated the grand opening of their new Faber-built library building. Students, faculty, administrators and staff were as excited as we were with the beautiful metal and wood clad building. This library has the capacity to hold over 30,000 books and will be home to the Vine Deloria Jr. Collection. It has a combination of public study areas, classrooms, offices, spaces for children and teens, and a computer lab and media center. It also features a special collections room for holding rare or one-of-a-kind documents, maps, books and artifacts especially relevant to Coast Salish tribes.

Whatcom Museum of Art

This October we are excited to be a part of upgrading the Whatcom Museum of Art. We are managing the window upgrade of this local, historic building for the city of Bellingham. SHKH Architects of Seattle will be overseeing the project and Legacy Renovations out of Tacoma will be restoring all historic features back to it’s timeless and original glory. For more information please contact our office – 360.354.3500.

New LEED Project Index Sensors Complete

Faber Construction just recently completed an extensive renovation of a 20,000 sqft concrete tilt structure for the Port of Bellingham in Fairhaven. The new facility will be leased by Index Sensors and Controls to develop, test, and manufacture precision temperature switches and controls. The job consisted of a total demolition of the existing interior space down to the concrete tilt outer shell. The existing building has been transformed into a state of the art manufacturing facility boasting LEED Gold status, making this the first LEED Gold facility for the Port of Bellingham.

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