Whatcom Creek Bridge Replacement

Our latest civil project, and our first bridge – Whatcom Creek Bridge. We had fun bolting the 38,000-pound bridge together with the help of Sicklesteel Cranes and placing it over the creek. The steel bridge is 110 feet long and 10 feet wide with fiberglass slats to walk upon.

If bridges fascinate you read this article from The Bellingham Herald about it, and watch the video to the left!

More info about the project here.

Alger Park & Ride

Skagit Transit has awarded us the Alger Park and Ride in early May. We’ve started to mobilize the site just off of the I-5 Alger Exit 240. This raw piece of land will be turned into a new park and ride for commuters along the I-5 corridor. The new facility will help to encourage everyday drivers to carpool and use public transit, and help to reduce pollution and congestion. For more information please contact our office – 360.354.3500.

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